GPS Tracking Devices
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Yashika Info is one of the best GPS Device sales and services company for the Customer's Choice and Need with the affordable pricing and Installations.

Our Services

Excellent Quality

The Best Quality GPS devices only recommended by us to fulfill customer's satisfaction.

Carriageable Size

We Provide Devices which look smaller in size and Stylish gesture in appearance on your choice.

Cheap Cost

Minimal Cost Will be Collected for the Device and services to fix the GPS.


All types of Tracking Devices is available in our company with the great accuracy.

Quick Delivery

Delivery for the devices made to your area as soon as you ordered.


Installation and Guidance to use the device manually will be given by our team.

What We Do...

We Recommend You the Best GPS Tracking Device for all area works depending upon Your choice and need, Which will be Provided You with the best affordable price and Excellent services in future.

Awesome Features


It pinpoint a device's location with accuracy and to calculate a devices direction of movement and speed.

Crime and Security

GPS tracking devices can also be used to deter theft by employers or ordinary people.

Easy to Use

The user just has to input the destination and the device will do the rest.

Modern Design

Designed in fashinably elegant and sophisticated

Updated and Maintained

software, apps, and devices that use GPS are also regularly updated, normally for free.

Available Anywhere

It works through satellite technology, it is available across the entire globe.

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